Mountain Bike Racing
img/events/categories/bikes.jpg Mountain bike racing is a competitive cycle sport held on off-road terrain and can contain circuit races. Many country roads in Uganda are rough dirt roads and so lend themselves to mountain biking. Cycling races usually take place around the outskirts of the major towns, but can also be organized in a touristic capacity and be combined with camping over several days to visit different parts of Uganda and it's wildlife.

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Trail Running
img/events/categories/trail.jpg Trail Running is a sport, which consists of running and hiking over trails. Whether you're stuck in a running rut, bored by your usual routes or just plain hate the treadmill, it might be time to leave the road behind and head to the trails. And you won't be alone; the increase in popularity of trail running over recent years has been huge. Uganda is a beautiful country and trail running is a great way to explore it. Many people find the sounds of nature, such as the many species of birds chirping or the running water of a stream, to be very relaxing. Activate Uganda organizes Trail Running Races to help runners enjoy nature and being able to take in the beautiful scenery whilst keeping healthy. It can be competed as a competitive challenge racing against time on sometimes very difficult and unknown terrain or by families and friends wanting to do something fun out in nature.

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Road Running
img/events/categories/road-running.jpg Road Running consists of running on a measured course over an established road and usually classified as long-distance, with races typically ranging from 5 kilometers to 42.2 kilometers in the marathon. Road running may offer the participants a range of challenges and interests such as: dealing with hills, sharp bends, varied surfaces, inclement, weather, and competing in large groups.

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Multi Sports
img/events/categories/multi.jpg A Multisport Competition is a family of athletic competitions in which athletes race in a continuous series of stages or "legs", and rapidly switch from one athletic discipline to another in order to achieve the best overall time. Most multi sporting events are endurance races combining aerobic activities such as: cycling, running, kayaking and Swimming. All the disciplines can be competed competitively by one person or teams can be formed to carry out the different stages making it also a fun team building activity. Activate Uganda organizes a series of multi-sporting event such as Lake Victoria Triathlon, Kampala Duathlon, Entebbe Duathlon enabling participants to take in the beauty of a varying landscape and wildlife, whilst carrying out the different disciplines.

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